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JC Sports has been providing youth sports programs for the past 10 years in Houston, Texas.

We have influenced and transformed many youth sports players into great athletes and, most importantly, into great people. Our main goal has always been " Developing well rounded creative players," and we are proud to see that we can fulfill those objectives.

These stories that we will share with you for the next couple of days are real, and the players you are about to meet in the videos are the result of a great partnership between players, coaches and parents.

Today, we celebrate our 10th year anniversary with these athletes

Happy birthday, JC Sports!!!

Our Story

In the bustling suburban landscape of Humble,Kingwood and Atascocita, there was once a small warehouse that echoed with the laughter of toddlers and the hopeful dreams of two visionaries, Jennifer and Cesar Coronel. The year was 2014 when they took a leap of faith, leaving behind secure jobs to embark on a mission close to their hearts: teaching sports to young children in a nurturing, pressure-free environment.

With just 70 clients initially, the Coronel’s faced doubters who whispered that their venture wouldn't survive. Yet, amidst the skeptics, they held onto a clear vision: to foster well-rounded, creative players who find joy in both playing and competing. Guided by this ethos and a determination to listen to what they termed the "still small voice" of their calling, they pressed on.

The early years were challenging. They heard the voices of negativity, the warnings of failure. But in those moments, they found strength in each other and in the unwavering support of their community. Slowly, steadily, their endeavor began to grow. From that modest warehouse emerged an indoor performance center, equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance athletic training. Their reach expanded beyond local borders, attracting young athletes from the USA, Mexico, and Canada, including National team players.


One significant partnership with Villarreal CF in Spain opened doors to international development opportunities, enabling aspiring soccer stars to compete at the highest levels. Despite the hurdles—like the temporary closure during the COVID-19 pandemic—the Coronel family persevered. They rebuilt, adapted, and emerged stronger, reaffirming their commitment to their mission.


As JC Sports celebrates its 10th anniversary in July 2024, the Coronel family reflects on the journey. Their early clients, once toddlers, have grown into teenagers, still training under their guidance, still finding joy in the game they love. It's a testament to the enduring impact of following that "still small voice" that whispered to them years ago.

"We would do it all over again," Jennifer and Cesar share, their voices filled with pride and gratitude. Their story is not just about building a successful business; it's about creating a community, nurturing dreams, and proving that great things happen when you listen to that still small voice within.

To this day, JC Sports continues to thrive, welcoming new families into their programs, and shaping the next generation of athletes. For those who wish to join their journey, they beckon with open arms, inviting them to visit and discover the spirit that defines their remarkable story.

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